We move you.

To feel confident
To feel inspired
To feel better in your body

At Renew, we provide personalized attention and set realistic expectations for each person who walks through our door. We offer private instruction and small group mat and apparatus classes so that YOU are our main focus.

Students work with us to:
◦ strengthen after injuries, surgeries, and childbirth in a post-rehabilitative setting
◦ manage chronic pain and discomfort associated with their daily lives
◦ improve their athletic performance
◦ learn proper body mechanics and self-awareness

Our studio and our community are welcoming and inclusive. When you walk into our space, it becomes yours; Your place to better yourself through focused and healthy mind-body work which will leave you feeling strong and centered.

  • I have lived with chronic back and joint pain for nearly my entire life. Working with Lindsay and Nicole has been phenomenal. Over the three years I've been taking classes and private lessons at Renew my pain has virtually disappeared.
    — Emily D.

  • I think they have given me a foundation to stay healthy by feeling the way my body responds to movement in a way that allows me to recognize when something is not right. They have taught me so much about the relationship with strength and flexibility and they have given me the ability to improve both. I can’t say enough about Lindsay and Nicole. They are kick butt ladies running an awesome business.
    — Rachel G.

  • Nicole pushes me to be precise in my movements and find the the fullest range possible. She has crafted a routine that includes work on the reformer, the chair, the cadillac and mat that keeps me in good shape as well as giving me homework. She adjusts the routine periodically to accommodate changes in my body. It doesn't get any better than this. You want good Pilates with people who know what they are doing? Renew is the place.
    — Phil L.

  • Five years of pilates for this 60+yo at Renew and I've developed a stronger core, avoided predicted plantar fasciitis, and began doing sprint triathlons!
    — Claudia

  • My 16 year old son is a multi-sport high school athlete, who was doing daily Crossfit style workouts. He was having trouble with hamstring flexibility so I brought him to Nicole at Renew Pilates. Nicole did far more than improve his hamstring flexibility. She assessed postural flaws and strength deficits in a comprehensive way and taught him how proper mechanics improve overall strength and athletic performance.
    — John D.

  • I've been going to Renew for several years now, and I can't say enough about the knowledge and astuteness of Nicole and Lindsay. They really know anatomy and can identify why we feel pain. I had a hip flexor pain for several years, and I rarely have it anymore, and I attribute it to Pilates and going to Renew.
    — Emily B.

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We opened Renew Pilates together in 2011 because we believe that a sound, strong body is paramount to living a better life. We provide quality, hands-on instruction in a friendly, professional environment. We pride ourselves on our eye for detail in movement and alignment, and we understand that every body has its own story and unique needs. We connect regularly to discuss the progress of our students and we work together to develop programs and classes that will benefit each student. It is our priority to give everyone the attention they deserve. Welcome to our studio. We can’t wait to meet you!

Nicole Caporusso Kutcher

Nicole earned her B.A. in Dance and East Asian Studies from Hamilton College in 2002. After graduation, she danced professionally and toured nationally with H.T. Chen and Dancers, Mariana Beckerman Dance Company, and with choreographer Vanessa Paige. She received her Pilates Mat teaching certificate from Power Pilates in 2002 and has been certified by ACE as a personal trainer since 2005. Nicole taught dance, Pilates, and worked as a personal trainer at a number of fitness centers, dance studios, and personal training facilities in NYC. She received her teacher training certificate in Physical Restoration (a comprehensive pilates training integrated with aspects of other movement modalities) from Krisen Day in Northampton, MA in January 2011. She is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist in The BioMechanics Method. In addition to teaching, Nicole is a collaborator/dancer with the tinydance project in Northampton, MA. Nicole is currently a bridge student in the Balanced Body Comprehensive Teacher Certification and studies with Zayna Gold of Boston Body Pilates. Nicole is committed to teaching her students in a way which draws from her extensive movement background and continues to grow her knowledge by attending workshops and trainings on a regular basis.

Lindsay Ann Lynn

Lindsay discovered Pilates while rehabilitating a back injury. In 2003, after earning her degree in Theater and Dance from Keene State College, she began performing professionally with HawleyMartin Dance and Blaze Dance Company. Lindsay’s education in bodywork began as a Chiropractic assistant. She went on to receive her teacher training in Physical Restoration (a comprehensive pilates training integrated with aspects of other movement modalities) with Krisen Day in 2006. Lindsay is currently a bridge student in the Balanced Body Comprehensive Teacher Certification and studies with Zayna Gold of Boston Body Pilates. Lindsay now brings more than a decade of individualized bodywork experience to each of her students. She continues to expand her knowledge of the mechanics of the body through workshops, trainings, and continuing education.

Reach out

We are currently teaching at full-capacity in our studio and are only accepting new students for online group classes at this time.

All inquiries for in person lessons/group classes/and assessments will be placed on a waitlist. We will reach out to you as soon as openings become available.

Thank you for your interest and for your patience.

Email: hello@renewpilates.com
Phone: 413-282-8361

Renew Pilates Studio

Renew pilates is a private and small group pilates studio in Easthampton, MA in the Eastworks building serving Easthampton MA, Northampton MA, Amherst MA, Holyoke MA, and the surrounding area.

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